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Haga sus pedidos ahora mismo:
(571) 243 2409
  • ft-garantiaThe warranty covers manufacturing defects whose term is less than one year
  • No refunds after 8 days of receipt of merchandise
  • It does not cover damage hearing defects of nature, misuse of equipment, handling or changes made to equipment by unauthorized personnel by Electronica Senel SAS 
  • All warranty and / or return must be considered and approved by Electronica Senel or else by the seller of the area

Terms of payment

No shipments of merchandise are made to customers with overdue invoices.

Then we relate the accounts where they can make their appropriations on behalf of Electronica Senel SAS:

  • Bancolombia: Checking Account No. 644-3504525-4
  • Citibank: Checking Account No. 1001348198
  • Davivienda Bank: Checking Account No. 457869995540

More information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We distribute major brands of electrical supplies in the world!

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