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Haga sus pedidos ahora mismo:
(571) 243 2409

ft-acercaElectrónica Senel S.A.S. is a company with 16 years of experience, contributing to the development of Electrical and Electronics industry in Colombia, through the importation and distribution of parts and accessories, in order to meet the diverse needs of commercial and industrial sector based on the concepts of excellence, quality and competitiveness.

  • Excellence in Service
  • Product quality
  • Competitive prices

Our mission

For our Customers

Continually strengthen our relationships by meeting the requirements that meet customer expectations for quality and service.

For our suppliers

Work closely to achieve the best combination of quality and timely deliveries.

For our employees

Provide a suitable environment that makes them feel part of the company and proud to work in Electrónica Senel, responsible for their work to ensure an excellent personal and business development.

We distribute major brands of electrical supplies in the world!

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